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3 Easy Steps To Clean Your Shower Screen

Frameless shower screens unlike shower curtains cannot be easily replaced. Which is why a weekly cleaning regime will keep your frameless shower screen looking brand new for years to come. We explain in 3 easy steps how to clean your frameless shower screen.
Over time, substances such as, soap scum, calcium deposits and mildew can stick onto the surface of the glass. If these substances are left on the glass for too long, it will permanently stain you shower screen glass, leaving it looking old and dirty no matter how much you try to clean it. Therefore cleaning your shower screen as part of your weekly schedule will keep your shower screen looking brand new for years to come.

3 Easy Steps to Clean Your Shower Screen Glass:

There are many products available from you local supermarket which remove soap scum and calcium, some examples are 'Easy Off Bam' or 'Shower Sparkle'.
Use a mask when using these products.

  1. Whilst the glass is still dry, spray each glass panel with 2-3 squirts of your cleaning product
    (larger glass panels will need 3-4 squirts, whilst smaller glass panels will only need 1-2 squirts)
  2. Get your squeegee and work the product around the glass
  3. Rinse your cleaning product off the screen with cool water

This should take you less than 5 minutes to complete.

If you have not cleaned your glass in a long time, the soap scum and calcium buildup on your glass will be thick. Don't be discouraged if your glass is not sparkling clean the first time you try this. As you continue this routine as part of your weekly cleaning schedule, the soap scum and calcium layer will slowly get less each week.