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Frameless Shower Screen Doors Over Bathtub

Do you take a shower inside your bath tub? Do you find that water gets sprayed out of the bathtub when taking a shower?

If so, then you need an over bath shower screen. This is a glass panel installed on one edge of the bath tub designed to prevent water from leaking from the bathtub. There are many of over bath shower screen models to choose from. At Young Shower Screen, we have the biggest range of bath shower screen in stock at wholesale prices starting from $99.00 supplied.

Over bath shower screen models range from:

  • 1 Fixed glass panel
  • 1 Swinging glass door
  • 1 Fixed glass panel and a swinging door

The standard height for a bath screen is 1500mm. The width varies from 650mm to 1100mm. You will find that the wider the shower screen panel, the less chances of water splashing out. But you will also need to judge from the length of your bathtub to decide which size is best for you. Delivery and installation of over bath shower screens in Sydney start from $110.00. If you require any further information on frameless glass shower screens, please visit us on