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Shower Screens Water Leakage

Is your shower screen doing its job to prevent water from leaking out? If not, then you need a Young Shower Screens water seal for your glass door. This will help prevent any water from splashing out underneath the door and the side of the door.

One problem you will find with frameless shower screens is there are gaps between glass doors and walls. These gaps are necessary to prevent the glass door from hitting another peice of glass or tiles which can cause an explosion. There is generally a small 3-5mm gap between glass panels, however some shower screens can have bigger gaps depending on how the installer put your shower screen together. At Young Shower Screens we sell shower screen accessories online which includes the water seal to prevent water from leaking out. This will save you having a drenched bath mat and the need to mop the floor everytime someone takes a shower.

The water seal is made from PVC vinyl or rubber which attaches at the bottom of the glass door like a seal lining. To get the right seal to attach to your glass door, you will need to measure the thickness of the glass to see if it's 6mm, 8mm and 10mm. We also have seals that attach to the side of the door or fixed glass panel of you want to prevent water from leaking out there too. There are a variety shapes and sizes. There are so many names for these seals that we call it PVC Vinyl Rubber Water Stopper Seal Lining for under the door or side of door. So find out which one you are after before making your purchase. You will also need to know the length of the seal you are after. There is no point getting a 2000mm long seal when you only need 600mm of it.

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